The southern mother of four and grandmother of four, I worked as a librarian for ten years. I have enjoyed reading all my life. I read mostly on my Kindle, Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPad, or Dell Tablet. I still read actual books too. On average I read 7 or more books a week. I read for pleasure and relaxation. My favorites are romance novels, cookbooks, fiction, or most anything that has a happy ending. Since I read a lot I have a hard time keeping up with what books I had read. So I decided to start writing reviews as a way to keep track of the books I have read. Writing reviews also gave me a way to keep track of authors that I liked. As time went on I started reviewing advanced review copies of books for an honest review for NetGalley, Choosy Bookworm, and now also review books from authors and publishers. Since I started writing reviews on all the books I read I have corresponded with so many wonderful people. I wish I had started doing this sooner. I had never realized the importance of doing reviews. It’s great fun to hear back from an author or publisher that my review was helpful and appreciated. My reviews are just my opinions, so please take no offense if we sometimes disagree.