Fire in the Ice by Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood is Kevin Moore and Tyler Jensen’s story. 

Kev and Ty go way back. They met in prep school. Ty was a senior and Kev was a rookie. He fell for Ty but at the time Kev was only 15 and it just wasn’t their time. Over the years they kept in touch off and on. There were times during those years their friendship grew but then life just happens. Tyler has been traded to the Barracudas which is the team that Kev is playing for now.  Kev and Ty need to resolve some issues from their past since they are now teammates. As Kev and Ty reconnect and are friends again they realized how much they mean to each other. The connection and chemistry between them is off the charts. As a reader I could feel their emotions for one another and how much love they had for each other. Will their relationship survive all the hardships that come their way?

This is a beautiful, sweet, hot and heartwarming romance. You can’t help but fall in love with Kev and Ty. Amazing book with fantastic characters with a gorgeous cover.

If you haven’t checked out Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood’s other books, please check them out. Their books are fantastic stories that show out and proud men finding their forever love that incorporate difficult topics.

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