Can the No. 1 hockey player find his HEA with a man?

Follow Nick Johnson as he becomes the nation’s top college hockey player and falls in love with a man.

Two beautiful books that will capture your heart as you read about Nick’s first romance and then follow him to college, where he falls for the love of his life. Along the way, there are hurdles to cross, but you will be rewarded in the end with a glorious happy ending. 🏒🏒Exciting hockey, 💘💘early dating, and a 🔥🔥 super-hot first time in The New Next One give way to the challenges of having a love life as a top college athlete in Nice Catching You. At college, Nick has to navigate the maze of college athletics and academic politics when he 💕💕falls in love for keeps and ponders his future with his man.

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The New Next One—the prequel—is a 20,000-word novella telling the story of Nick and his first boyfriend, Tyler. (HFN, Hopeful) Catching You (HEA) is an 80,000-word novel telling the story of Nick and the love of his life, Jacob.