Halo by Ella Frank and Brooks Blaine is book number one in the Fallen Angel series. This is Halo and Viper’s story. Wow! I started this book late at night and couldn’t put it down.

I loved how the authors incorporated an entertaining story with so much emotion between the characters. The interaction, chemistry, and sexually tension between Halo and Viper was off the charts. The ending was more a HFN ending than a cliff hanger. The next books in the Fallen Angel series which continues Halo and Viper’s story is coming March 25 and April 25.

I don’t normally read series that continue but these two authors have me hooked. It’s amazing to me how they are so good with putting words down where you feel the characters’ emotions, you can visualize the scenes, and you feel like the characters are your friends plus they don’t make you wait too long for the next book in the series. FYI, contains mature content. This is a MM romance. Kindle Unlimited Subscription

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