Tropical Tryst: 25 All New & Exclusive Sexy ReadsTropical Tryst: 25 All New & Exclusive Sexy Reads by Nicole Morgan
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Tropical Tryst: 25 All New and Exclusive Sexy Reads by a group of bestselling authors.

SEAL My Love by Sharon Hamilton is the only story that I’ve read so far. This is Trace and Gretchen’s story. Both Trace and Gretchen have gone through a nasty divorce. When they meet there is an intense attraction between them. Neither feel that they are ready for a relationship. Will they just have a fling or will they put their hearts at risk and take a chance on love? This is a fun and steamy romance with some suspense. FYI, includes mature content.

I look forward to reading the other stories in this collection. I’ve read a lot of these authors before but there are several that I haven’t. A great way to discover new authors.

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