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Late Bloomer
Late Bloomer by Barbara Lohr
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Late Bloomer (Man from Yesterday Book 4) by Barbara Lohr
This is Brody and Carolyn’s story.

What an amazing May/December story where the women is older. Carolyn taught Brody during his senior year and her first year teaching high school. It’s been ten years and ran into each other when traveling to see her grandmother. Brody is no longer a high school boy. He is all man. I loved his character. There was so much depth to Brody. It was fun and sweet watching their relationship change.

Some seemed concern about the student/teacher relationship. There was nothing inappropriate between them during the time Brody was her student. It’s been ten years since they have seen each other so you are talking about a woman in her early thirties and a man in his late twenties getting together. Ten years changes a lot of things. The story was done very tastefully.

This was a fun and entertaining read. I really enjoyed Brody and Carolyn’s story. A May/December romance with humor, chemistry, and lots of emotion with the woman being the older one. We need more stories like Late Bloomer.

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