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There wasn’t a woman alive that I couldn’t have…and I wanted them all.

I knew that I had to have Cameron the first time that I saw her. She was beautiful and the fire in her eyes was hard to deny.

It was only a matter of time before I made her mine. With my hard body, bike and tattoos, I was irresistible and I had never met a woman yet that wouldn’t drop her panties for me. Once I got a girl in my head, there was nothing in the world that was going to save her from Joel Radici.

Sure she can fight it, think that she has a choice.
Cameron can tell me that she doesn’t like bad boys.
She can try and scare me off with that haughty look all she wants.

None of that matters to me one bit.

Because I already claimed that curvy body of hers and I was going to make her mine. I didn’t matter what the cost, Cameron was going to be underneath me soon enough, screaming out my name for more.

How could she deny me, when I know what it is that she really needs?