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Even Cowboys Get The Blues
Even Cowboys Get The Blues by Amie Stuart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Even Cowboys Get The Blues by Amie Stuart is book number five in the Bluebonnet Texas series. This is Tim Caldwell, Toni duBois, and Tim’s daughter Rene Caldwell’s story.

Tim has been raising his daughter since she was around three years old after his wife abandoned them. To protect himself he doesn’t do relationships but has hookups. Tim has gotten himself quite a reputation as being a ladies man.

Rene is Tim’s daughter who is in her teens. She is a fireball. She was around twelve when the books starts but I think she was fourteen when it ended. At times Rene seems so much older than her age then other times she acts like a two year old. Rene doesn’t even remembered having a mother but has had lots of extended family influence. She is more of a tomboy than a girly girl. Rene is not good with sharing her dad with anyone. Also, she speaks without thinking. Lots of trouble ahead for Rene and some of it by her own making.

Toni is on her way back to Louisiana to deal with some unresolved family issues. She only makes it to Bluebonnet, Texas when her car breaks down. Toni has a lot of emotional issues that she is dealing with and doesn’t have time for a boyfriend or for her car to break down.

Tim and Toni’s paths cross and he decides that he wants her. There is one problem Toni told him no. So, is Tim just interested because she said no or is it more than that? If they date, how will Rene react? What about the emotional issues and secrets that both Tim and Toni haven’t come to terms with going to effect their chance at a relationship?

This story has the romance of Tim and Toni but it is just as much if not more about Rene. The story flowed well and I enjoyed it. There were several emotional topics covered in the story but it still had lots of humor incorporated into the story. The fun banter between the characters in the story really pulls the story together.

FYI, contains mature content. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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