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First Ride Cowboy Collection
First Ride Cowboy Collection by Lori King
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a great collection! What an amazing group of authors!

The Real McCoy by Sabrina York is one of many the books in the First Ride Cowboy Collection. This is Crystal Wilson and Ford McCoy’s story. The Real McCoy is the prequel to Sabrina York’s Stripped Down series. I loved Ford and Crystal’s story! It was great how the author incorporated humor, intense chemistry with a really fun and entertaining story. I can’t wait to read the other books in this collection. FYI, includes mature content.

“Cowboy Never Fold” by Lexi Post is book number one of the “Poker Flat” series. This is Kendra Lowe and Wade Johnson’s story.
Kendra used to be a professional poker player and now is about to open her dream business. She and a few misfit employees are working to make a success of Poker Flat Nudist Resort. They have run into so many obstacles that the resort might not even be able to open.
Wade agrees to work at Poker Flat Nudist Resort only as a favor owed to his best friend. He is trying find out who is causing all the weird problems at the resort. Kendra doesn’t know the reason he is there other than to do the job. Oh my, when Kendra and Wade meet there is definitely a sexual attraction between them. Let’s, just say when Wade and Kendra are together the room heats up. Will they act on this attraction? How will it effect their working relationship and Wade’s investigation?
Kendra is special in that she can see the potential in other people that society may have given up on. I loved how Kendra and her employees worked together as a team and created their own unique family. This is a fun and steamy romance with a mystery to be solved. FYI, includes mature content.

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