From Lexi with Love
From Lexi with Love by Lexi Post
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From Lexi with Love is a wonderful collection of books by Lexi Post. I love her style of writing. The stories grab your attention from the start and keeps you entertained throughout the stories. This author’s stories are beautifully written.

Cowboys Never Fold
“Cowboy Never Fold” by Lexi Post is book number one of the “Poker Flat” series.  This is Kendra Lowe and Wade Johnson’s story.
Kendra used to be a professional poker player and now is about to open her dream business. She and a few misfit employees are working to make a success of Poker Flat Nudist Resort. They have run into so many obstacles that the resort might not even be able to open.
Wade agrees to work at Poker Flat Nudist Resort only as a favor owed to his best friend. He is trying find out who is causing all the weird problems at the resort.  Kendra doesn’t know the reason he is there other than to do the job.   Oh my, when Kendra and Wade meet there is definitely a sexual attraction between them.  Let’s, just say when Wade and Kendra are together the room heats up.  Will they act on this attraction?  How will it effect their working relationship and Wade’s investigation?  
Kendra is special in that she can see the potential in other people that society may have given up on.  I loved how Kendra and her employees worked together as a team and created their own unique family.  This is a fun and steamy romance with a mystery to be solved.  FYI, includes mature content.
Pleasures of Christmas Past
“Pleasures of Christmas Past”  by Lexi Post is book number one in the “A Christmas Carol” series.  This is Jessica Thomas and 
Duncan Montgomerie’s story.
Jessica is a spirit guide in training.  Duncan has been assigned as her mentor on an assignment.  Duncan has been a spirit guide for a very long time.  He is attracted to Jessica.  In her life she worked as a social worker.  Jessica was overworked but has a giving nature and in the back of her mind that she may have failed some of her clients. This caring spirit that Jessica if not handled in the correct way can effect Jessica’s course in her afterlife that could be devastating.  Duncan loves women and is attracted to Jessica.  He doesn’t do love but something about Jessica makes him want to protect her from making a devastating mistake.  As Jessica and Duncan work on their assignment they both learn that there is more to their work situation than the assignment.  Will Duncan be able to save Jessica?  Will Duncan be able to feel love?  This is a fun and steamy romance with a little mystery on what exactly is the purpose of their assignment.  FYI, includes mature content.  
Christmas with Angel
A story at Christmas time with horses and cowboys with a little suspense is a winner for me.  This is a sweet and steamy read.  I can’t wait to read book number two, “Trace’s Trouble”, of the “Last Chance” series.  
“Christmas with Angel” by Lexi Post is book number one in the “Last Chance” series.  This is cowboy firefighter, Cole Hatcher and Lacey Winters’ story.
Lacey and Cole are engaged to be married and are in the process of building their new home.   They are living with Cole’s grandparents and other family members.  It is hard for them to find private and quiet times.  Cole wanets to go to his mother’s Christmas dinner.  Lacey does not.  She wants them to stay home and enjoy some private and quiet time.  Lacey is also having a hard time forgiving Cole’s mother for keeping them apart for eight years.
Things do not go according to either Lacey or Cole’s plans.  There is a little suspense and a few surprises on their Christmas day.  Through Lacey and Cole’s unexpected Christmas day they learn the importance of forgiveness, second chances, and the things that really most important.
I enjoyed the horse, Angel, in the story.  Cole has started a horse rescue place and Angel is one of their rescue horses.  The story reflects on the abuse that some horses experience.   It is really sad the abuse some animals and people may experience in life.  FYI, includes mature content.

Cruise Into Eden

“Cruise Into Eden” by Lexi Post is book number one in the “The Eden” series.  This is  Erin Danielson, Nassic Wild, and Wareson Night’s story.  This is an erotic ménage si-fi story.
Erin works as an IT geek.  A guy friend has his agenda for wanting to go on a couples nude cruise.  He talks Erin into going just as a friend.  Once reality sets in Erin wonders why she agreed to this idea.  Erin meets Nassic and Wareson and suddenly she has two guys showing interest in her.  They have waited eleven years for Erin. Things get pretty interesting as she gets to know them but then something happens where she lost trust in them.  Nassic and Wareson have to find a way to get Erin’s trust back and get her to come to Eden.  
I have not read many sci-fi books but I really enjoyed this story. I look forward to reading the next books in this series. FYI, includes mature content and a ménage relationship.

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