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A Royal Christmas Princess
A Royal Christmas Princess by Scarlet Wilson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“A Royal Christmas Princess” by Scarlet Wilson is the sweetest Christmas romance story. This is Holly Yates and Felix de Luca’s story.

Holly is just a normal girl from Baltimore. Her mother passed away a year ago. Holly is tired and trying to figure out how she will be able to pay off all her bills. Then her world gets totally turned upside down after seeing a news report where Felix de Luca is looking for Coronia’s lost princess. The photo that they displayed on TV is Holly’s baby picture that she has sitting on her dresser.

Prince Alfred is very sick and wants Felix to find his daughter. If they do not find his daughter in time, then Felix will need to take over for Prince Alfred. Felix does not want to do this because his life is in New York but he will for Prince Alfred.

Holly meet with Felix to tell him that she thinks that she is the baby in the photo. The next thing Holly knows is that she is on a plane to Coronia.

If Holly is the lost princess, she needs to decide if she wants to take over for Prince Alfred or go back to Baltimore. Things get really complicated for Holly because not everyone is excited about her being the princess. Plus, the more she spends time with Felix he is becoming more than a friend to her.

Felix is a great guy. He is so good to Holly. He is having second thoughts on leaving Coronia and his feelings for Holly are changing to more than friends. Will Holly and Felix be able to have more than a friendship?

I just loved this story. This is a beautiful Christmas love story. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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