Seducing the Tycoon
Seducing the Tycoon by M.K. Meredith
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“Seducing the Tycoon” by M.K. Meredith. This is Drago De Luca and Chase Huntington’s story.

I was hooked from the beginning. I fell in love with Drago and Chase’s characters. You will also love Drago’s grandmother Nonna. The descriptions of the Italian community made me feel as if I was there.

Chase is in Italy to open the Huntington hotel for her father’s business. If she can make a success of this, she is hoping that this will prove that she is capable of running her family’s biggest hotel in California. Chase has spent most of her career traveling. She wants this job in California so that she can settle down and have a real home.

Drago is in Italy to help his Nonna with her hotel. He feels guilty that he waited this long to help her. He is willing to do anything to help his Nonna. He is even willing to delay the opening of the Huntington hotel since it will hurt his Nonna’s hotel.

Drago and Chase meet but she thinks that he is helping her. In reality his goal to do anything to delay the opening of the Huntington hotel. But, as they spend time together Drago feels torn in what he is going to do. The chemistry between them is great! Will Drago sabotage Chase’s opening? Or will they both take a chance on love?

At first everybody thought of Chase as a rich American girl. As time went on I loved how Chase and the community fell in love with each other. I believe that since Chase had traveled so much in her life it made it easier for her to become a part of the community. It was great how she called everybody “love”.

FYI, includes mature content. I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review.

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