Texas Two Step
Texas Two Step by Cynthia D’Alba
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If you love cowboy romances, then you need to add “Texas Two Step” to your reading list. This is a steamy second chance romance with a hot cowboy! Also, it is a story where two people realize that if they can’t learn forgiveness for each they may miss out on true happiness.

“Texas Two Step” by Cynthia D’Alba is book one in the “Texas Montgomery Mavericks” series. This is rancher Mitch Landry and Olivia Montgomery’s story.

Mitch and Olivia were an item until Mitch broke it off about six years ago. Both Mitch and Olivia had married someone else and now they are both divorced.

Olivia and Mitch’s paths cross during their friend’s wedding. They both realize that they still have a strong physical connection to each other that they are having a hard time ignoring. Will Olivia be able to forgive Mitch for hurting her? Olivia has secrets that she has kept from him. Will Mitch be able to forgive Olivia?

I really loved the author’s writing style. She kept my attention from beginning to end. I couldn’t put the book down. Magda, Mitch’s housekeeper, was a favorite character of mine. Hopefully, we will get to read her story. I look forward to reading the next book in this series and other books by Cynthia D’Alba.

This is one is a winner!

FYI, includes mature content.

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