Scorch by Dani Collins
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“Scorch” is a great second change romance that pulls at your heart. You could feel the different emotions of the characters from heartbreak to an intense attraction to each other. As you get into the story you realize that appearances are not always as they seem.

“Scorch” by Dani Collins is book number two in the “Firefighters of Montana” series. This is Jacqui Edwards and smokejumper, Vin Kingston’s story.

Jacqui aka “Jaci” had been running the office for the Glacier Creek smokejumpers and fell in love with Russ the boss. Jaci and Russ got married then tragedy hit and Russ was killed in a jump. Jaci left Montana for awhile and went and stayed with her family in Florida. She is back in Montana with the intentions of packing her stuff up and moving to Florida. I wonder how that works for her?

Vin is also a smokejumper and was good friends with Russ. Now, Jaci is Vin’s best friend. He kept Jaci’s dog while she was in Florida. Vin also agreed to buy Jaci’s house once he and his ex sold their house. During the time that Jaci was gone she and Vin stayed in touch.

Vin picks Jaci up from the airport and from the start they both are seeing each other differently. Vin has been fighting his feelings for Jaci for a long time. He also doesn’t want to lose the friendship they have plus he doesn’t feel it’s right to go after his friend’s widow.

Jaci’s plans to leave Montana change. She decides to go for what she wants. Their relationship crosses the line into an intimate and steamy relationship. Will Vin take a change on having a stable family with Jaci? Or will he allow his insecurities from his past and the fact that everybody thought that Jaci and Russ’ marriage was perfect keep him from taking a chance on love?

FYI, includes mature content. I received a copy of this book from Tule Publishing for an honest review.

I really enjoyed Jaci and Vin’s story. This is a passionate and steamy story but goes so much deeper than that. A great way to escape your regular routine.

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