Ignite by Nicole Helm
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“Ignite” is a beautiful, sweet, and passionate story. You will be hooked from the start to finish. Both Ace and Lina have portrayed themselves differently that who and how they feel. In this story you discover the real Ace and Lina.

“Ignite” by Nicole Helm Is book number three in the “Firefighters of Montana” series. This is Dr. Lina McArthur and smokejumper, Dean “Ace” Clark’s story.

Lina has moved to Kalispell to escape being under the shadow of her father who is also a doctor. She wants to experience life instead of just being all about her studies and work at the hospital. Since moving she really hasn’t changed her life as much as she thought she would.

Dean is his real name but has been going by Ace for years. He has been on the run from an early age. Ace never tells anyone the true story of his life. Russ his boss that was killed in a jump was one of the first person’s in his life that gave him a chance. He just feel he deserves happiness and love.

Ace ends up in the emergency room from a jump injury. This is where he and Lina meet. Lina is suspicious and believes that he could be her best friend’s brother Dean. Ace lies and tries to act like he’s just a party guy. But there is also something about the way Ace makes Lina feel. She has never felt this type of attraction to a guy. Lina has never had an intimate relationship or even been kissed.

Ace has intentions of staying away from Lina because of her relationship with his sister. He has his reasons for not contacting his sister. Lina decides that she is going to try to find out if Ace is really Dean Clark. The two meet up again and both their intentions go out the window. Watching their relationship grow and develop was sweet and passionate. Will Ace’s past catch up with him and destroy their chance at happiness and love?

FYI, includes mature content. I received a copy of this book from Tule Publishing for an honest review.

Ace and Lina’s story is a romantic and enjoyable read. I loved their story.

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