Sexy Summer set is a collection of nine hot reads from excellent authors.

“The Tycoon’s Forced Bride” by Jane Porter is the story of Malcolm McKenzie and Ava Galvan.
Ava is recovering from a life threatening wreck that happened three years ago. She has memory loss and struggles with walking and balance from this accident. The accident caused her to lose her job as an acclaimed ballerina and has also lost her independence.
Malcolm has lots of guilt about the night of the accident. Ava was pregnant with his child which he has raised as a single father.
Ava is improving, but Malcolm is ready to have his family together. He will do whatever he needs to do to get her back.
This was a short read, but wow, it was not missing anything. I loved the things that Malcolm did in order to show Ava his love and to help her to remember the good times they have each day.
This is an emotional, heartbreaking, and heartwarming romance. The author pulls the reader in where you feel the characters pain and happiness. The intimate scenes were intense and sensual. I really enjoyed Malcolm and Ava’s story. I look forward reading other books by Jane Porter.

“Project Virgin” by Megan Crane is Scottie Grey and Damon Patrick’s story. Scottie is a first year associate and Damon is a seventh year associate at the same law firm.
Scottie has just broken off her engagement to her cheating fiance. She has been assigned to assist Damon with a case. Scottie and everyone in the office think Damon is hot, but now she is feeling an attraction to him. Scottie knows that nothing should happen between them since he is more like her boss. Also, she is a 26 year old virgin and that scares men away. Or can it happen?
The author gets your attention from the start and keeps it. Even though the story only takes place over just a few days it is written in a way that doesn’t make it feel rushed. The intimate scenes are sizzling and steamy. There are some really funny scenes that will have you laughing out loud.

“The Millionaire” by Victoria Purman is book one in the Malones” series. This is Chris Malone, renowned photographer, and journalist Ellie Flannery’s story.
Ellie has always admired Chris’ work. Chris and Ellie meet by accident. Their first encounters did not go well. In the end they ended up working together for a charity auction for the Royal Flying Doctors of Australia.
Chris and Ellie come from two really different backgrounds. They both have things in their past that they are basically running from. There is definitely chemistry between them. You could feel the sexual tension between them. Will Chris and Ellie take a chance on love?
I absolutely loved this story! It was great watching Chris and Ellie fall in love. This story incorporates family dynamics, passion, romance, and two people dealing with their past hurts. The characters were great. I especially loved Ellie’s grandparents. I look forward to the next book in this series.

Return to Byron Bay”The Playboy” by Madeline Ash is book three in the “Hot Aussie Heroes” series. This can be read as a standalone. This is the story of Alexia Burton and Parker Hargreaves.
Alexia became a successful actress. She wants to change to a different type of role than she normally plays. This role is a romantic role. She will not get this role if she does not become sexually confident.
Alexia decides to go back to Byron Bay to see if she can have a summer fling. The one person she does not want to see is Parker. He was a rich kid that treated her badly. Of course, one of the first person she sees is Parker. Parker has changed and is really upset with how he treated Alexia when they were teens. He wants to make amends and wants a meaningful relationship which is quite the opposite from when they were teens. So will Parker help her with getting ready for this new role?
This is a really cute, sweet, and steamy story about second chances. People can change. I especially liked Parker’s character. A great quick romantic story!