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From Fake to Forever
From Fake to Forever by Jennifer Shirk

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you are looking for a clean-romance, this one is sweet and fun. I enjoyed watching Sandra and Ben’s relationship develop. The author did a great job of incorporating humor, chemistry, and heartwarming moments.

“From Fake to Forever” by Jennifer Shirk is an Entangled: Bliss romance. This is, single mom, Sandra Moyer and, movie star, Ben Capshaw’s story.

Sandra wants to make a great life for her daughter. She and her sister have opened a preschool. The preschool is very important to Sandra. Opening the preschool is a perfect way for Sandra provide financial support and time with her daughter. Sandra is still getting over the betrayal of her ex-husband. She has no time for a relationship even though she wants a real family or does she?

Ben Capshaw is a movie star and wants a role in a movie with children. He knows nothing about kids. His agent sets up a deal at a Sandra’s preschool through Sandra’s sister. Ben comes across as a guy that doesn’t take things seriously and doesn’t believe he could be a family man.

Sandra and Ben didn’t hit it off when they first met each other, but there was still an attraction between them. This is a sweet and clean romance, but isn’t lacking in chemistry. Both Ben and Sandra have issues with relationships. Will they be able to overcome these issues for a chance at love? This story will have you laughing, enjoying the sexual banter, and at times feeling the insecurities of Sandra and Ben. This story is perfect for sitting by the pool, beach, or in your favorite place to read.

I received a copy of this book for an honest review from NetGalley/Entangled Publishing.

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