Shelter for Elizabeth
Shelter for Elizabeth by Susan Stoker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Shelter for Elizabeth” by Susan Stoker is book number five in the “Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes” series. This is Elizabeth “Beth” Parkins and Cade “Sledge” Turner’s story.

Beth survived from being kidnapped and tortured. She decides to move to Texas to get a fresh start and hopefully her fears will go away. Beth’s fears have not gone away. She suffers from Agoraphobia. Sometimes leaving her home or just thinking about leaving her home will set off a severe panic attack.

Cade is a firefighter and meets Beth when he is on a call to put out a kitchen fire in her home. There is just something about Beth that gets Cade’s attention. In spite of the excitement the fire caused there were sparks flying between Cade and Beth. Cade wants to get to know Beth and see where the relationship will go.

It surprised Beth when Cade showed interest in dating her. Beth is resistant due to suffering from Agoraphobia. Cade is loving, caring, and very understanding of her condition. He convinces Beth to give their relationship a try. After surviving the kidnapping, Beth never dreamed that she would experience love like theirs. But Beth has secrets that she has kept from Cade. Will these secrets destroy their chance at love?

Susan Stoker gets the reader’s attention right from the start and keeps it throughout. You get an entertaining story, insight on what people go through that live with Agoraphobia, funny moments, and a hot and steamy romance. I enjoyed Beth and Cade’s story.

I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review. FYI, contains mature content.

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