Mother's Day in Montana
Mother’s Day in Montana by Melissa McClone
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“Mother’s Day in Montana” is a collection of Montana Born stories from three bestselling authors. Three great cowboy romances.

“Kiss Me, Cowboy” by Melissa McClone is book three in the “Bar V5 Ranch” series. This is Charlotte Randall (Charlie) and Zack Harris’ story.
Zack and Charlie work as dude ranch wranglers at the Bar V5 ranch. A year ago Zack was having a really bad day. Charlie consoled him, which ended with her kissing him. The problem is Charlie fell in love with Zack, but he acts as if the kiss didn’t happen. Zack says that he is not a relationship kind of guy. Charlie has to decide whether to continue working with Zack or to move on. Or can she convince Zack that he is a relationship type guy?
This is a sweet romance. You can definitely feel the chemistry between them. The intimate scenes were closed door with great kissing scenes. It was fun visiting the town of Marietta again.
I received a copy of this book from Tule Publishing for an honest review.

“Montana Cowgirl” by Debra Salonen is book one in the “Mavericks” series. This is Bailey Jenkins and Paul Zabrinski’s story.
Bailey and Paul were high school sweethearts, but circumstances split them up. They went their separate ways.
Fifteen years later Bailey is dealing with recovering from a horrible wreck that also killed her husband. Bailey’s relationship with her dad is not good, but she is back to help her mom with her dad who has lost part of his leg.
Paul has a successful business and two great kids but he and his wife are divorced. Bailey’s mom arranged for Paul to pick up Bailey from the airport. They both still have feelings for each other. Will they be able to forgive each other, overcome the hurts from the past, and the obstacles in their life?
This is a second chance romance that deals with some pretty heavy emotional issues, family dynamics, health issues, and some amazing chemistry between Bailey and Paul.
Another great story in Marietta, Montana. You will fall in love with the town and the people.

“Cherish Me, Cowboy” by Alissa Callen is book one in the “Wildflower Ranch” series. This is working cowgirl, Payton Hollis and Cordell Morgan’s story.
Payton is a no frills kind of girl. She is determined to save her home, Beargrass Hills ranch. Payton has no time for men.
Cordell shows up in Marietta and he appears to be a city boy but looks can be deceiving. He is also dealing with issues from his childhood.
Payton and Cordell due to circumstances and a crusty old man they end up spending lots of time together. They are extremely attracted to each other. The intimate scenes are closed door with great tender and passionate moments.
This is a sweet romance with lots of surprises. I really enjoyed Payton and Cordell’s character. I loved Henry.

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