Heart Like Mine
Heart Like Mine by Maggie McGinnis
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“Heart Like Mine” by Maggie McGinnis is book two in the “Echo Lake” series. This is Delaney Blair and Dr. Joshua Mackenzie’s story.

Dr. Joshua Mackenzie is the interim head of pediatrics at Echo Lake’s Mercy Hospital. Delaney works in the finance department at the hospital. She has been selected to make some really difficult cuts to Dr. Mackenzie’s department.

Delaney hasn’t been on the pediatrics floor in a long time. She has her reasons for not going to the pediatrics floor, but has to do since Dr. Mackenzie is avoiding her. He doesn’t have time to talk to a numbers guy. He needs to take care of people.

When Delaney and Joshua first meet they both are surprised. She was expecting an old man and he sure wasn’t expecting Delaney. As time goes on, their circumstances force them to spend a lot of time together. There is amazing chemistry between them, but both are trying to follow the hospital policy that you are not allowed to date co-workers. Well, you can imagine how that worked out for them. Will they be able to work together and come up with a solution to the budget cuts? Will they take the chance on love?

This is an excellent sweet romance. You will fall in love with Joshua and Delaney. This is a closed door romance, but is not lacking in sexual tension. There is so much going on in this story. You get an amazing romance, wonderful people doing great things, some not so wonderful people, the kids and staff from pediatrics were so inspiring people, and a little suspense. An excellent read!

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley/St. Martin’s Press for an honest review.

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