The Art of Us
The Art of Us by Teri Wilson
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“The Art of Us” by Teri Wilson is the story of Harper Higgins and Tom Stone, Harper is an art history professor and a Vincent van Gogh scholar who is trying to secure her tenure. At the moment she is in desperate need of an artist.

Harper and Tom collide into one another on a rainy night. Well, actually Harper collides into Tom. Harper finds out that Tom can paint really well and thinks that she has found the artist that can help her secure her tenure. Their troubles really begin when Harper talks Tom into pretending he is a long-lost descendant of van Gogh. As the art show opening gets closer things get really confusing.

I am not really into art so I wasn’t sure that the book would keep my interest. Teri Wilson did a great job of getting the reader’s attention right away and keeping it. She had me laughing at times and crying at times. This is a funny, sweet, and emotional story. The chemistry between Harper and Tom was so real. You could feel their emotions. I especially liked her dog Vincent. Vincent was a mess or more like it, he was making messes or getting into trouble.

This is an excellent read! I look forward to reading other books by Teri Wilson;

I received a copy of this book from Tule Publishing for an honest review. FYI, contains mature content.

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