Falling Hard
Falling Hard by Kate Hewitt
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“Falling Hard” by Kate Hewitt is book two in the “Falling for the Freemans” series. This is Quinn Freeman and Meghan O’Reilly’s story.

Quinn’s family left the little town of Creighton Falls when his family suffered a terrible tragedy. In its day the B&B brought tourist to their little town and provided jobs or income to a large number of people and businesses. After his family left town they did not keep the B&B open and the town suffered financially. Once an attraction for Creighton Falls is now an eyesore. Quinn has been asked by his mother to go access what needs to be done in order to sell the B&B.

Meghan’s life hasn’t exactly turned out the way she thought it would. She is the only town’s plumber and is totally responsible for her dependent sister. Meghan has fond memories of when the B&B was up and running. It reminds her of the good days when she was growing up. She hopes that someday the Freeman’s will reopen it.

Meghan being the only plumber in town ends up working at the B&B for Quinn in his attempt to get it ready to sell. Meghan sees Quinn as someone that is a charmer not a hard worker, but that doesn’t stop the sizzling chemistry that she feels between them.

Quinn and Meghan both are dealing with different personal issues in their life. Will they allow these issues to prevent them from taking a chance at love?

This is a great romance with lots of sizzle. This is also a story where people are working on moving past the hurts and disappointments from their childhood. Will they be able to?

I received a copy of this book from Tule Publishing for an honest review.
FYI, contains mature content.

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