Seduced: An Erotic Valentine Collection
Seduced: An Erotic Valentine Collection by Mel Teshco
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Seduced: An Erotic Valentine Collection by Mel Teshco, Christina Phillips, and Karen Stivali.

This collection contains three quick paced and spicy romances.

“Her Dark Guardian” by Mel Teshco 5 stars
This is the story of Lacey Morgan and Kane Sampson. When Kane and Lacey met he knew that for once his brother had the woman he wanted. Lacey fled from her violent husband who happened to be Kane’s half brother. She has come back to face her pass and to see Kane the one she wants but can’t have. This story catches your attention right away. The attraction between Lacey and Kane is intense with steamy scenes. For a quick read there is a lot of depth to this story. The story brings to light the emotional scars of domestic violence. I really enjoyed how the scenes unfolded.

“Every Breath You Take” by Christina Phillips 4 stars
This is Piper Thomas and Mason Hunter’s story. Piper and Mason have a pass. Piper was dating Mason’s brother when he was killed in an accident. Mason and Piper meet up again after not seeing each for a long time. They both are attracted to each other but feel they each are off limits since Piper dated his brother. Or are they off limits to each other. In this story there is a lot of misunderstandings or really lack of communication between the characters due to being afraid of getting hurt. But there was no lack of spicy steamy scenes.

“Always You” by Karen Stivali 4 stars
This is the story of Jon and Shari. Jon and Shari have been best friends for a really long time and has always loved her. Shari discovers that her fiance has been cheating so she talks Jon into going with her on her honeymoon trip while everybody is at the church where she was supposed to be married. This is a sweet and steamy romance between two people that have been best friends for years.

I received a copy of this book from Tule Publishing for an honest review. FYI, contains mature content.

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