The Holiday Romance Series: One Small Town, 4 Great Stories!
The Holiday Romance Series: One Small Town, 4 Great Stories! by Robyn Grady
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“The Holiday Romance Series: One Small Town, 4 Great Stories” by Robyn Grady is a delightful read. The four stories are different, but involve people from the little town of Point St. Claire.

Book 1 – “Her Mother’s Day Miracle” is the story of Aster Lawrence and her handsome neighbor Riley Mathis. This is a great story about emotional healing. They both had endured great losses.

Book 2 – “Hers for the Summer” is the story of Logan Taylor and Melanie Beachmere. You get a good introduction about Logan in book one. Melanie’s personal relationships have been on hold since she had to care for her sister, Phoebe, when their parents died. Logan and Melanie meet in her cafe, but are put in each other’s path again when Phoebe receives an inheritance. This story also has a side story about Phoebe and Jace Devlin.

Book 3 – “A Haunted Moonlit Night” is the story of Jack Mason and Sammy Briar. Jack lives in a lighthouse that has an eerie past that involves a previous owner Sebastian Crane. Sammy is related to the Cranes and has always wanted to know more about Sebastian Crane, who was her great, great grandmother’s brother so she travels to see what she can find out. This story takes place, of course, around Halloween.

Book 4 – “One Christmas Knight” is the story of Emma Bagwell and Dr. Damon Knight. Emma and Damon are put in each other’s path by some interesting circumstances.

In all the stories the intimate scenes display passion and chemistry, but are done respectfully mostly behind closed doors.

I read all four stories in one sitting. I enjoyed going from one story to the next since there were connections from each story that made you want to keep reading. A very enjoyable, sweet, and light read. I look forward to reading other books by Robyn Grady.

I have received a copy of this book from the author, Robyn Grady, for an honest review.

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