A Moment of Weakness
A Moment of Weakness by Brooklyn Skye
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley/Entangled Publishing/Entangled Brazen for an honest review. “A Moment of Weakness” by Brooklyn Skye is Micah and Laurel’s story. Micah is raising his daughter on his own plus is part owner in a struggling bar in a seedy neighborhood. Micah has secrets that require him to be gone weird hours and without much notice. Micah wanted to make a better life for him and Shae but he seems to be doing the opposite. Sometimes we make choices that are for all the right reasons, but do the opposite of what we are trying to achieve. Laurel is best friends with Micah’s sister and is in need of a job for the summer. Laurel ends up being a nanny to Micah’s daughter, Shae, for the summer. To me, if Micah needs help during the summer with Shae and nothing is going to change about his situation, wouldn’t he need help all year long. There was definitely lots of chemistry and attraction between Micah and Laurel. At times Micah was really sweet and romantic to Laurel but the intimate moments seemed more play by play than natural. I loved the relationship between Laurel and Shae. At the end of the story the way Micah was freed from the secret parts of his life just didn’t seem realistic. The plot of the story had potential but fell short for me. FYI, contains mature content.

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