Take A Risk Bundle
Take A Risk Bundle by Robin Bielman
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I received a copy of this book from NetGalley/Entangled Publishing for an honest review. “Take a Risk Bundle” by Robin Bielman includes four novellas with the theme of heritage architecture (restoring or preserving building, roads, and landmarks). The author did a great job of including information about heritage architecture without it taking away from the stories.

Worth the Risk
Samantha Bennett and Dean Malloy had a summer fling five years ago. Dean let Samantha walk away which broke her heart. Samantha doesn’t know it but Dean is her competition on a contract that is important to her job. The author gets your attention right away. The reader can feel the emotions of the characters. You fall in love with Dean and Samantha. I really loved Samantha’s character. When Dean and Samantha meet up the sexual tension between them is intense. Will they take the risk? I enjoyed their story. Great ending!

Risky Surrender
Lucy Davenport, archaeologist, made a promise to her husband and dad before they died. She will do anything to fulfill this promise even if it’s illegal. Keats McCall, environmental preservationist, has a brief meeting with Lucy then meet up three months later. There is chemistry between them from the start. Keats doesn’t trust Lucy so he comes up with a plan so he can keep an eye on her. Will Lucy and Keats risk a relationship with everything they have to lose? The author did a great job of where the reader could feel the emotions of Lucy and Keats. I enjoyed watching their relationship grow and change. Great story!

His Million Dollar Risk
Connor Gibson is working on a presentation project and agrees to spend a week with a reporter. Charlize Beckett (Charlie) takes a chance to prove to her publisher dad that she is a serious journalist even if she has to pretend she is someone else. What will happen when Connor finds out who Charlie really is? Connor does not like her publisher dad. Charlie is to interview Connor on a week left long road trip. You will fall in love with Charlie right away. Connor’s character was great too but them together was priceless. The chemistry between them was incredible. This was an amazing road trip!

One Night of Risk
Malia Davis returns to Kauai to retrieve a piece of crystal from a closed temple. It is believed that this crystal will provide healing properties. Malia’s mom is really sick so she is willing to do whatever it takes to get a piece of this crystal. Malia doesn’t know that Clay Doherty is working to secure the closed temple area. Clay broke Malia’s heart ten years ago. She has never gotten over him. Clay and Malia meet up in Kauai which was a surprise to both of them. Clay believes that Malia is up to no good and wants to protect her. The chemistry between them was stronger than it was ten years ago. The intimate scenes are more intense in this story. Will Clay and Malia be able to resolve all their issues? I really enjoyed the ending!

Each novella is a quick read but the author packs in a lot without the scenes feeling rushed. In all four books you get steamy scenes, romance, humor, and a little knowledge about heritage architecture. FYI, contains mature content.
A great read anytime.

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