Ice Dreams by Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood

I just read the first chapter this morning. It was so good! I felt like I was there in the story. Sign up today so you don’t miss out on Scott and Javy’s story. I can’t wait for the next chapter!

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Ice Dreams: Bethesda Barracudas Hockey, Book 3.5 is Scott and Javy’s love story. It can be enjoyed as a standalone and will only be available in serialized format as part of their newsletter. You’ll get one or two chapters per newsletter, drawing out the satisfaction of enjoying the lost—and probably last—Bethesda Barracudas Hockey book.

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Audiobook – Back to Center by Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood

Back to Center (Mohegan U Hockey, Book 2)
By Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood
Narrated by Alexander Cendese

Publisher: Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood
Release Date: February 7, 2023
Version: Unabridged Audio
Whispersync – Voice Enabled
Length: 6 hrs and 2 mins
Heat Level: 3 – Some Sex
Pairing: Male/Male
Genre: Sports Romance, Contemporary Gay Romance, Romance
Tropes: Hurt/Comfort, Redemption, Friends-to-Lovers, Single Dad, Coach/Player, Hockey


There are ways to get ahead in college hockey, but having a meltdown, trying to get rid of your coach, and stalking his boyfriend isn’t one of them. Is it really a surprise that I wound up in a hospital facing my demons instead of getting ready to play for the pros and taking care of my baby? I needed the world’s biggest redo, but the probability of a second chance was about the same as…
Jack Rogan walking through the door. But there he was! Jack was one of my coaches, and I was pretty sure he was straight. His easy laugh and sympathetic ear put a smile on my face. He made me believe I could turn my life around. But as much as I liked him, I knew I had to put my fantasies aside. With obligations to meet and amends to make, I didn’t have time to obsess about a guy who was out of my reach.
So why did I say yes when he offered me a place to stay while I got on my feet?

I was done with relationships. A fractured heart had made sure my walls were high, and my shields were strong. There wasn’t a man I couldn’t resist—until Eckie.
After driving everyone away in an avalanche of self-destruction, he was getting much needed help, and I wondered if I should go see him. A single visit turned into the best part of every day, and I was hooked. When I was with Eckie, the world made sense again. There were only two years separating us, but since I was one of his coaches, spending time together was dangerous. If we kept it up, who knew what I might do?
Maybe something brilliant, like asking him to stay with me when he left the hospital. I knew it was risky, and I told myself I was only being a friend. But the truth was, I liked feeling things again.
Eckie was seeking redemption; Jack was trying to do the right thing. Neither planned on anything beyond friendship. Will following their hearts leave them worse than before, or will they find what they’ve needed all along?
Back to Center is a story of redemption and the unexpected love a man finds in a friend he never knew he’d have. It also includes exciting hockey, a coach/player dynamic, great communication, unquenchable longing giving way to irrepressible heat, an adorable baby, and a perfect HEA.
Content warnings for depression and physical/emotional abuse by parents. The abuse happened in the past, but knowing about it may be difficult for some.

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Mary texted on Tuesday night to say she and Levi were back home and ask if I wanted to see him the next day. I tried to convince her to let me come right away, but she said he was already asleep. We agreed that I’d come on Wednesday at seven p.m., which was so exciting I did a happy dance all by myself.
Later, Jack FaceTimed to let me know he’d gotten to Cleveland safely. His face and broad shoulders filled the screen, and a light sheen of sweat made him look hot as blazes.
It would be so damn sexy licking that sweat off his throat.
I pushed the thought away and asked, “Was the drive okay?”
“Yeah, and it was a beautiful day for it. How was work?”
“Great. I stood in line at the courthouse for over an hour, but the office brought in lunch for everyone, so that made up for it. Which makes me think—thanks again for the food you left here. I grilled some chicken for dinner.”
His eyes widened. “The recipe with lemon and thyme?”
“That’s the one.”
“Damn, I love that.”
I couldn’t help grinning. “Wish you’d been here to share it.”
“Me too. Mm.”
The throaty hum made my dirty mind go wild. “I’ll make it again when you get back.”
“Can’t wait. Tim and I ordered pizza, and it was pretty good.”
“You guys going out tonight?”
“We’ll probably just hang out. He showed me a few sights this afternoon, and I’m tired after the drive from Winscombe.”
He looked so good it took me a minute to reply. “I miss you, big guy. Glad you’re getting to see your friend, though.”
“Miss you, too.” His voice was soft. “I’ll be back soon.”
“You better be.” I’d been so happy to hear from Jack, I’d forgotten to tell him about the visit with Levi. “Guess what?”
When I shared the news, he was excited for me, and we spent the rest of the call talking about it. Jack’s smiles got brighter by the minute, and I loved the way his eyes sparkled. By the time we hung up, I was a jumble of feelings—excited about seeing Levi, missing Jack, and ridiculously turned on.
Back to Center. Copyright © 2023 Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood. All rights reserved.

About the Authors:
Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood write gay romance with heat and heart. With thirteen books and eight audiobooks to their credit, they have earned high praise for their exciting, sweet, steamy, and (mostly) low-angst stories. The Bethesda Barracudas Hockey series is a hit with readers and listeners, and their most recent series, Mohegan U Hockey, has been even more popular. The MUH books are emotional reads, sweet and steamy with some angst. All of Ryan and Josh’s books are carefully crafted to be read as standalones, even when they are part of a series.
Ryan and Josh were married in 2017. They began writing to celebrate their own romance and are passionate about telling authentic stories about gay men who fall wildly in love and find their own “happily ever afters.”

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Back to Center by Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood


Eckie and Jack’s story is a friends to lovers and a redemption story. These two have more in common than they both realized. You will learn more about Eckie and Jack and how they found love, healing and redemption. Levi, Eckie’s son, was a fun and sweet supporting character that added to the story. Their story is heartwarming, fun, sexy and a definite must read!

I love Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood books. Their books always have wonderful characters that are relatable, sexy times that are just right, entertaining stories and can be read as standalone.

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Cracks in the Ice by Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood

Cracks in the Ice is another fantastic story by Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood. This is Benny and Cole’s story.

Benny is a wonderful man that went through some really hard times in his life. Cole is a sweetie and wants to find that special one but only finds guys that don’t treat him right.

Benny and Cole’s story is sweet, sexy and heartfelt. Their characters feel so real and like friends. I was hooked from the beginning to the end. Benny and Cole’s story is one you don’t want to miss!

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Ice Devils by Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood


I love enemies to lovers trope and fell in love with Sako and Blake’s story. The interactions and chemistry between them was so much fun. I loved how Sako and Blake teamed up together in doing the pranks. I think doing the pranks together helped them to drops their guards down and really get to know each other.

I loved the hockey game scenes. I could feel the excitement and frustrations of the games. When the guys were out with their teammates the conversations and the craziness felt real. 

The cover is fantastic. I purchased both the paperback and the ebook. The paperback is a beautiful book and the quality is amazing. Another beautiful story of love and one that is a must read.

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Ice Devils by Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood

Skating the line between love and hate.


❇️ Enemies to lovers

❇️ Hilarious banter

❇️ Exciting hockey

❇️ Explosive heat

❇️ Heartwarming HEA

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When winger Blake Conti signs with the national champion Bethesda Barracudas, he isn’t looking to get involved with anyone. Still bruised from an old relationship, his focus is on playing hockey. But when one of his new teammates turns out to be the hottest man he’s ever met, Blake wonders if he should reconsider his aversion to romance.

Mark Sakamoto—Sako—one of the Barracudas’ rising young stars, is immediately smitten with Blake. Deeply closeted because he fears revealing his sexuality to his family, Sako resists his attraction by using scorn and insults to push Blake away. Hurt by Sako’s behavior, Blake reacts in kind, and the two men are soon at war.

Just as their fighting threatens to disrupt the team, the unexpected happens, and Sako and Blake bond over a silly prank. Their newfound camaraderie soon develops into a relationship, and the men become inseparable. With “ice in public, heat in private” as their motto, they keep things secret, but as they fall for each other, Sako knows he has to tell his family the truth. He dreads their reaction, but it’s the only way he and Blake can live happily ever after.

Ice Devils is an enemies-to-lovers romance featuring scorching athletes, light-hearted comedy, riveting hockey, sweet-steamy romance, and a beautiful HEA.