Cracks in the Ice by Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood

Cracks in the Ice is another fantastic story by Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood. This is Benny and Cole’s story.

Benny is a wonderful man that went through some really hard times in his life. Cole is a sweetie and wants to find that special one but only finds guys that don’t treat him right.

Benny and Cole’s story is sweet, sexy and heartfelt. Their characters feel so real and like friends. I was hooked from the beginning to the end. Benny and Cole’s story is one you don’t want to miss!

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Ice Devils by Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood


I love enemies to lovers trope and fell in love with Sako and Blake’s story. The interactions and chemistry between them was so much fun. I loved how Sako and Blake teamed up together in doing the pranks. I think doing the pranks together helped them to drops their guards down and really get to know each other.

I loved the hockey game scenes. I could feel the excitement and frustrations of the games. When the guys were out with their teammates the conversations and the craziness felt real. 

The cover is fantastic. I purchased both the paperback and the ebook. The paperback is a beautiful book and the quality is amazing. Another beautiful story of love and one that is a must read.

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Ice Devils by Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood

Skating the line between love and hate.


❇️ Enemies to lovers

❇️ Hilarious banter

❇️ Exciting hockey

❇️ Explosive heat

❇️ Heartwarming HEA

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When winger Blake Conti signs with the national champion Bethesda Barracudas, he isn’t looking to get involved with anyone. Still bruised from an old relationship, his focus is on playing hockey. But when one of his new teammates turns out to be the hottest man he’s ever met, Blake wonders if he should reconsider his aversion to romance.

Mark Sakamoto—Sako—one of the Barracudas’ rising young stars, is immediately smitten with Blake. Deeply closeted because he fears revealing his sexuality to his family, Sako resists his attraction by using scorn and insults to push Blake away. Hurt by Sako’s behavior, Blake reacts in kind, and the two men are soon at war.

Just as their fighting threatens to disrupt the team, the unexpected happens, and Sako and Blake bond over a silly prank. Their newfound camaraderie soon develops into a relationship, and the men become inseparable. With “ice in public, heat in private” as their motto, they keep things secret, but as they fall for each other, Sako knows he has to tell his family the truth. He dreads their reaction, but it’s the only way he and Blake can live happily ever after.

Ice Devils is an enemies-to-lovers romance featuring scorching athletes, light-hearted comedy, riveting hockey, sweet-steamy romance, and a beautiful HEA.

Ice Angels by Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood

I had so much fun reading Cleevs and Drew’s story. The story flowed perfectly. You can feel the love and attraction that Drew and Cleevs’ have for one another. Ice Angels has a perfect balance of love, steam and hockey. The authors do a great job of writing beautiful and sexy stories where the characters feel so real while bringing awareness to LGBT causes.

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Books by Marley Valentine

I recently read Ache and Unforgettable by Marley Valentine. The author does a fantastic job of making the characters and their emotions feel so real. The chemistry between her characters are so hot. Both stories are a definite must read. I look forward to reading more books by this author.

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Unforgettable – Amazon

Fire in the Ice – Review

Fire in the Ice by Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood is Kevin Moore and Tyler Jensen’s story. 

Kev and Ty go way back. They met in prep school. Ty was a senior and Kev was a rookie. He fell for Ty but at the time Kev was only 15 and it just wasn’t their time. Over the years they kept in touch off and on. There were times during those years their friendship grew but then life just happens. Tyler has been traded to the Barracudas which is the team that Kev is playing for now.  Kev and Ty need to resolve some issues from their past since they are now teammates. As Kev and Ty reconnect and are friends again they realized how much they mean to each other. The connection and chemistry between them is off the charts. As a reader I could feel their emotions for one another and how much love they had for each other. Will their relationship survive all the hardships that come their way?

This is a beautiful, sweet, hot and heartwarming romance. You can’t help but fall in love with Kev and Ty. Amazing book with fantastic characters with a gorgeous cover.

If you haven’t checked out Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood’s other books, please check them out. Their books are fantastic stories that show out and proud men finding their forever love that incorporate difficult topics.

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Fire in the Ice by Ryan Taylor and Joshua Harwood – New Release


✔️ Second chance ✔️ Dreams come true ✔️ Exciting hockey ✔️ Hot athletes ✔️ Fantastic HEA  🔥 🔥 🔥Enough HEAT to burn down the house!    Available at Amazon in KU, or buy for Kindle or in paperback.US:  Universal:

What if love threatened to destroy everything you’d worked for?

Hockey right winger Tyler Jensen isn’t thrilled to get the news he’s been traded to the Bethesda Barracudas. The team may be red-hot in the rankings, but there’s someone there he’d rather not have to see every day.

Defenseman Kevin Moore is one of the top-rated rookies in the country. He’s living the dream playing for the Barracudas—until he hears that his old high-school crush Tyler is joining the team. Ty was once everything Kev wanted, but their age difference got in the way. Tyler decided a three-year gap was too much and left Kevin behind.

In Bethesda, Tyler doesn’t take long to notice that Kevin has grown up into precisely the kind of man he can’t resist—brawny, brainy, and beautiful. Kev feels the pull too, and as the men become closer, they work hard to keep their budding relationship secret. Professional hockey may be welcoming gay players now, but Ty and Kev aren’t sure management would like the idea of two Barracudas taking teamwork to an entirely new level.

As the playoffs loom, news of their romance gets out. Ty and Kev, caught in a storm of controversy that threatens to destroy them, need a power play to save their careers. How will they find one before it’s too late?Approximately 81,000 words.